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MOLNIYA MINIATURES is a new company with a goal to bring you fine 25 ~ 28mm, 54mm and 1/2400 ranges of interest to the collector and wargamer, with a focus on uncommon armies.   Our first lines are the Qin / Ch'in Chinese (the armies of Ch'in shih-huang-ti), the armies of Timur the Splendid (Tamerlane), Post-Mongol Russians, Medieval Polish and Lithuanians, and the Golden Horde of the Russian steppes!  Future armies will include the Khitan Liao, Medieval Serbians and MANY others!

Our email is .  Please make note that this is NOT a secure email address - if you desire to use a credit card, please email us for Paypal or Bidpay details.  Sergei and I read all email and will endeavor to reply to all questions and comments - we value your input.  Drop us a line!

NOTE: Our figures are made from an alloy that contains minimal amounts of lead, so thus are not suitable for children under 12 years of age.


May 8th, 2011-    Due to the horrendous price increases in metals, PLEASE contact us before you order!  Some stock we are letting run low due to the cost of casting, and it is always a good idea to see what we have in stock to expedite your order and avoid casting delays!

May 1st, 2011-    Wow!  We certainly have not had an update in a while!  Real life (health, work and all that nonsense) have had their impact on Sergei and I, but things are still chugging along here at Molniya!  Two more 54mm science-fiction figures are on the sculpting table, as well as a number of 1/2400 ships – about a dozen ships and a couple zeppelins!  Watch this site for updates…. Honest!

October 13th, 2009-    We have more additions to our ranges! We have 16 new ships in our Pre-Dreadnought range, and the first figure in our 54mm Gothic Science Fiction line is now available! Plenty of pictures, and more figures coming soon!

September 6th, 2009-    We have some new additions to our ranges! Sergei's just finished 16 new ships in our 1/2400 Pre-Dreadnought range, and we have the first 54mm figure in our new Gothic Science Fiction line coming VERY soon! I will be adding pictures this week, and blowing some dust off of the corners of the site.

July 11th, 2009-    Historicon '09 is upon us...and we will not be there! Doh! Sergei has work issues, and I have family health matters, so it looks like we will have to skip Historicon this year! We are talking about going to Fall In to make up for lost time... :) Sergei is still finishing the 54mm Sci Fi figures, and also have a number of new 1/2400 ships almost ready, and he is also working on baloons and zeppelins as well! I keep hoping that the 25mm Serbians will be next, but he keeps saying "soon..."! We hope everyone has a safe and fun time at Lancaster, and we'll see the regulars in November for Fall In (and in March for Cold Wars). Cheers!

March 8th, 2009-    Cold Wars '09 is upon us!  This week is HMGS-East's COLD WARS convention in Lancaster PA, which is probably the second largest historical miniatures event in the USA.  Sergei and I will be playing in the Field Of Glory Tourneys - I will be playing Later Medieval Russians and Sergei and I will be playing Later Polish/Lithuanians in the Doubles event!  Woot!  We will also be supplying prizes to the WAB events and others.  Stop by and see us in the FoG areas -- we'll have lots of free samples and we can always use the company!
Winter is slowly giving way to Spring here, which means that Sergei is busy working!  He has finished more ships (Swedes), with some 54mm Science-Fiction (!!) on the horizon as well...  The Serbians have not been forgotten, but they will probably not be released until the Summer or Fall.  We'll have 12 new ships sometime this Spring, as well as the 54mm SF figure.... 

November 1st, 2008-    Wow!  We haven't updated things in a WHILE!  Historicon was a BLAST - thanks to everyone for the kind words, and the post-convention orders!  Winter is here, which means Sergei is finally going to hunker down and work on my ships and some 25mm Serbians...  Next week is Fall In -- while Sergei and I can never make that convention, we are nevertheless supplying prizes for the WAB events. June 23rd, 2008-   COLD WARS '08 has come and gone - thanks again to everyone who stopped by and placed orders!  Historicon '08 is just around the corner, now!  Sergei and I are entering the Field of Glory 25mm Open and Theme events (I will be usuing our Timurid/Golden Horde figures for either an Ilkhanid army or a Kwarizmian force).  Once again, we'll have free samples for anyone interested, and we'll be supplying prizes for the FoG and WAB events!

February 26th, 2008-   COLD WARS '08 is almost here!  We'll be bringing lots of prizes for The WAB and Field of Glory tourneys!  I'll probably be pushing a Lithuanian army across the table in the DBM Doubles tourney and the Field of Glory Open events - stop by for a free sample!  Sergei will be playing a few open Pre-Dreadnought games and showing off our new ships - stop by and say "HI!".  Work is slowly progressing on the Medieval Serbs, but until they are ready, Sergei has LOTS of ships coming out of the Molniya Yards!

January 28th, 2008-   Where does time fly!!  Sergei is slowly banging out our next Ancients/Medieval line (14th-16th Century Medieval Serbians), but he has taken a detour.... 1/2400 Pre-Dreadnought ships!  He has finished 12, with MANY more to come.  Only one or two nationalities will have complete lines, the rest will be composed of ships that NO ONE else does!  Check out some of the pics!

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Sergei Sharenko - Sculptor, Painter & Designer.  A 45 year-old from Moscow, Russia, with an MS in Architecture, Sergei now works as jewelry designer and modelmaker in Rhode Island.  He is an amateur archaeologist with 3 expeditions in Russia and Asia under his belt, and has worked for the Moscow State History Museum.  Sergei currently designs jewelry and translates military and historical texts for researchers.

Ken Winland - Senior Web Grog, Orders & Painting Lackey.  A 41 year-old from Rhode Island (the smallest AND most corrupt state in the US), he has an MA in Archaeology and is a doctoral candidate in Physical Anthropology, participating in numerous excavations throughout North and South America and currently working with Bronze Age Aegean sites.  Ken at the moment consults and runs an on-line auction service.

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